Nam Ding Textile Mill

Registration No. 100042

North Vietnam, Nam Ding Textile Mill, March 9th, 1957, (Michel Nr. 54-56); With the re-building, after the war with the French ended, larger industrial complexes, such as the…

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Postage Due Hand Stamps

Registration No. 100045

North Vietnam, Postage Due Hand Stamps, 1954-1955, Michel Nr. D1-13; Prior to the issuance of the first postage due stamp in North Vietnam, released in July 1955, the country…

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Mot-Cot Pagoda

Registration No. 100066

North Vietnam; Mot-Cot Pagoda, December 22nd, 1957 (green frame), March 12th, 1958 orange frame, Michel Nr. D21-22; On December 22nd, 1957 the Democratic Republic of Vietnam published a new…

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Physical Education

Registration No. 100075

North Vietnam, Physical Education, March 8th, 1958, Michel Nr. 70-71; The two stamps issued had the denomination of 150D (domestic letter rate) and 500D (international mail) and they…

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International Labour Day

Registration No. 100080

North Vietnam, International Labour Day, May 1st, 1958, Michel Nr. 72-73; In all communist or socialist countries the International Labour Day was a very important holiday. So the…

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Numeric Postage Dues 1958

Registration No. 100090

North Vietnam, Postage Due Stamps with numeric design, December 1st, 1958, Michel Nr. P15-18; Given the postage tarif increases at the end of 1957 postal authorities apparently felt…

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Union Conference Prague

Registration No. 100106

North Vietnam, Union Conference Prague, June 26th, 1958, Michel Nr. D25; This official stamp was printed by the National Bank Printing Works in sheets of 100 stamps and…

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Defense of Country

Registration No. 100111

On August 19th, 1958 three official stamps in the nominals of 50D, 150D and 200D were issued in perforation 12.5. Here is the mint set. It appears to…

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Southener Resistance

Registration No. 100120

North Vietnam, Southener Resistance, September 23rd. 1958, Michel Nr. 83-84; The political leadership in Northern Vietnam was long divided about stoking resistance in South Vietnam. However, after the…

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Agricutural Aid

Registration No. 100150

Two stamps in the nominals of 150D and 500D were issued on November 7th, 1958 in perforation 11.5. Here is the mint set Here is a cancelled to…

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