North Vietnam, Victory of the National Liberation Force during the draught of 1965/1966, October 15th, 1966, Michel Nr. 452-454; Three stamps in the nominals of 1 xu and 12 xu (two stamps) were issued perforated 11.0.

Here is the mint set:

Mint blocks of four:

Small perforation errors do occur like here on the 12 xu value that shows a double perforation comb strike in-between the stamps:

Very rare single franking of the 12xu stamp with a red cancel on a letter sent to Warsaw, Poland. Red cancels were very unusual in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Registered letter mailed on October 20th, 1966 to Klewitz featuring the entire set. The overall postage amounted to 1.13 Dong which was a tad above the required tariff of 1.10 Dong for a standard letter to West Germany. 

Rare express mail letter mailed to Klewitz in November 1967 featuring the entire set. Interestingly, the sender used the blue military stamp without nominal that was also issued in 1966 but was only approved for domestic military use. The blue military stamp on postally used cover is very rare. Adding the inherent 12 xu value of this stamp the overall franking amounted to 1.53 Dong.

Mixed franking of a pair of 1xu NLF stamp together with the 50xu Geneva Convention stamp and three of the 6xu values of the Anniversary of the Revolution set for an overall postage of 70xu on an air mail letter to Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden was a rare destination.

Mixed franking of a pair of the 122xu NLF stamps together with a pair of the 50xu Geneva Convention stamps for an overall postage of 1.24D. Mailed in June of 1970 to Paris, France.

Rare express mail letter sent to Klewitz in March of 1977. It features parts of the set plus some im-perforated reptile series stamps. Im-perforated stamps on postally used cover are very rare. The overall postage of the letter amounted to 1.66 Dong which appears to be below the prevailing tariff at the time (1.00 Dong base rate, 60 xu international registration charge, 50 xu express mail charge and 40 xu air mail fee for 5 grams), however it was transported without charging any postage due. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse.

Rare registered express mail letter mailed from Hai Phong to Klewitz in June of 1979. It carries the Cuba set in pairs plus a 1 xu NLF stamp for an overall postage of 5.04 Dong. Bad Nauheim transit and Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse. Green Fulda custom cachet on front.

Mixed franking featuring both stamps of the Aircraft Shot Down set. together with a range of other NVN stamps (including the 12xu NLF stamp) for an overall postage of 60xu (the tariff that was introduced on January 1st, 1975 as international postage to all Eastern countries). The letter originated from the Public Affairs Department of the Central Post Office to the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of East Germany in Berlin.

Another registered letter sent from Quan 1 (Ho Chi Minh City) to Klewitz in June of 1981. The letter carries the other half of the perforated Fish set plus one of the 1 xu NLF stamps for an overall postage of 8.07 Dong.

Mixed franking of a Xunhasaba mailing to West Germany with an overall postage of 74xu.

Mixed franking of the 1xu and 2xu NLF stamps together with the 50xu Snake stamp and 40xu Production and Struggle stamp for an overall postage of 93xu on a Xunhasaba letter from Hanoi to France.

Mixed franking of a pair of the 1xu NLF stamp together with the 10xu Pagoda stamp, the 30xu Ballistic Rocket and 50xu Geneva Convention stamp for an overall postage of 92xu. The letter was sent by the Vietnamese National Library to the National Library of East Germany in August of 1970.

Mixed franking sent by Xunhasaba in June of 1973 to Czechoslovakia. The letter carries the green 40xu Aircraft Shot Down stamp plus two of the 2xu NLF stamps and one 50xu Hai Thu’o’ng stamp for an overall postage of 94xu.

Registration Nr. 101400

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