North Vietnam, Space Exploration, October 5th, 1965, Michel Nr. 401-404; The space theme was still captivating audiences in the mid 1960’s and so four stamps with the nominals of 12 xu (two stamps) and 50 xu (two stamps) were issued perforated 11.0.

Here is the mint perforated set:

Interestingly enough these commemorative stamps that were clearly geared towards collectors were not officially released imperforate but some sets have come to market. Here is the complete imperforate set.

Here is a printing error on which the dark blue color printing run is missing entirely. The left stamp is a stamp of the normal color.

First Day Cover addressed to Klewitz. Since the standard letter rate to West Germany amounted to only 50 xu the letter is over-franked.

Registered letter sent October 29thm 1965 to Klewitz with the complete set. The overall postage amounted to 1.24 Dong which was slightly in excess f the required 1.10 Dong for a standard registered letter to West Germany.

Mixed currency franking of the 100D 12 Years Democratic Republic stamp (that was devalued by 1,000:1 on March 1st, 1959 and hence only worth 10xu at the time of mailing) with two of the Space Exploration stamps for an overall postage of 72xu (12xu postage plus 60xu registration fee) on a rare registered letter to Czechoslovakia.

Rare multiple franking of the 50xu value paying the second weight level tarif to Paris, France.

Mixed franking from July, 1966 on what looks like a man mailing from Hanoi to Munich, West Germany. The letter carries the 50xu Space Conquest stamp plus other NVN stamps for an overall postage of 1.94D.

Mixed franking by Xunhasaba featuring the 50xu Space Exploration stamp plus other stamps from the Mountain Tribe and Phu Lo’i set for an overall postage of 74xu.

Mixed franking using the 3xu value of the Mountain Province set plus other NVN stamps (including the 50xu Space Exploration stamp) for an overall postage of 74xu on a homemade letter to France.

Mixed franking of two of the red 12xu Five Year Plan stamps plus the 50xu Space Exploration stamp for an overall postage of 74xu on a patriotic air mail cover from Hai Phong to France.

Registration Nr. 101190

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