North Vietnam, Military Free Frank, July 15th, 1959; A single stamp with no nominal and in perforation 11 was printed by the Tien Bo Printing House. This stamp was printed for soldiers on active duty. Here is the official Xunhasaba bulletin that was produced upon issuance of the stamp.

Here is the mint stamp.

Beautiful postally used stamp.

Very rare local letter sent from a member of the military (note the Hom Thu Nr. on the top left of the envelope) in April of 1964 from Ha-Dong to Hanoi. The contents of the letter is preserved and it is a love letter from a boyfriend to a girlfriend. Most local letters were destroyed in the multi-decadal war, the tropical climate or recycling due to raw material shortages so are very hard to find.

Another rare local letter sent in December of 1959 from a member of the military in Nam-Dinh to Ha Nam. Ha-Nam arrival cancel on the reverse. This is a curious specimen as the sender basically used the back of the letter as a postcard. It is not known if there was additional contents of the letter or if just the envelope was used to communicate.

Registration-Nr. 100241

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