North Vietnam, GANEFO Spots Games, Phnom Penh, November 25th, 1966, Michel Nr. 462-465; The GANEFO Games were introduced by Indonesia as a developing world counterpart to the Olympic Games. The first games were held in 1963 in Jakarta, Indonesia but there was only one follow up event (Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 1966) and after that the event was disbanded. Four stamps in the nominals of 12 xu (two stamps) and 30 xu (two stamps) were issued perforated 11.0 and im-perforated.

Here is a postcard depicting Ho Ch Minh welcoming back the successful Vietnamese GANEFO Sports Team from the 2nd GANEFO Games in Cambodia.

Here is the  mint perforated set. Same nominals were printed attached to each other within the same sheet.

This is the im-perforated mint set:

First Day Cover mailed addressed to Klewitz containing the entire set. With an overall franking of 84 xu it is over-franked. The standard letter rate to West Germany was only 50 xu.

Another First Day Cover but this time featuring the im-perforated set.

Very rare letter featuring the entire im-perforated set on a registered letter with other NVN stamps addressed to Gregor Schwirtz, well know East German philatelist in October of 1968 for an overall postage of 1.02D. Im-perforated stamps on postally used covers are very rare. The standard registered letter to East Germany cost 72xu (12xu postage plus 60xu registration fee) so this letter must have been heavier than the standard 20g.

Very rare express mail letter featuring the entire im-perforated set mailed to Klewitz in August of 1974. Im-perforated stamps on postally used cover are very rare. The overall franking amounts to 2.96 Dong which is most likely in excess of the required tariff. Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse. 

Rare multiple franking fo the 30xu value on a letter to Budapest, Hungary.

Mixed franking on a letter sent to Budapest, Hungary including the 12 xu GANEFO Games stamp for an overall postage of 36xu. Since the standard letter rate to Hungary was only 12xu this is an indication that the letter was of the 3rd weight level.

Rare multiple franking of the light blue 30xu value (8) on a letter to the United States in 1981.

Mixed franking of the 30xu GANEFO stamp together with the 40xu Wild Animal stamp and 3xu Fruits stamp for an overall postage of 73xu on a letter to Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland was a pretty rarer destination in the 1960’s.

Mixed franking of two of the 30xu GANFO stamps together with the 20xu value of the Nguyen Du set for an overall franking of 70xu on an air mail letter to Paris, France in March of 1973.

Registration Nr. 101420

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