Indochina, Kingdom Annam, November 20th, 1936, Michel Nr. IND 198-208; Eleven stamps in nominals of 1C, 2C, 4C, 5C, 10C, 15C, 20C, 30C, 50C, 1P and 2P were issued in perforation 13.

Here are the m.h. 1C and 2C values

Mixed franking of the 1C, 2C and 4C Kingdom Annam set together with stamps from the World Exhibition set paying an overall postage of 31C on an international registered air mail letter sent from Hue to the well known philatelist Theo KLewitz in Germany in June of 1937.Saigon transit and Fulda arrival cancel on the reverse.

Mixed franking of the 1P Kingdom Annam stamp together with the 30C Domestic Scenes II stamp paying an overall postage of 1.30P on an international air mail letter sent from Tourane (Da Nang) to the United States in February of 1940. World War II was in progress and as a result the letter was censored by the French military as is indicated by the censure cachets and banderole used to re-seal the letter. Hue and Hong Kong transit cancels on the reverse.

Mixed franking of the 2P Kingdom Annam value together with stamps from the Domestic Scenes II and Air Mail sets paying an overall postage of 3.20P on a International letter sent by the Bank of Indochina in Hanoi in September of 1940 to a branch in Vichy. All three stamps carry the Bank of Indochina perrin that was applied to protect from internal theft. This was during World Was II which meant that the letter was subject to censure. However, the bank enjoyed special privileges that exempted it from such censure inside Indochina which was indicated by a red cachet struck in front that read “Banque Privilegied a expedier sans delai Exempt de Censure”. However, the privilege did not extend to other countries and so the letter was censured by the British in Hong Kong as indicted by the black and white censure tape.

Registration Nr. 090190

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