Indochina, Domestic Scenes II overprinted for use in Kouang-Tcheou, May 19th, 1937-1941, Michel Nr. IND 129-161KT; Thirty-three stamps in nominals of 1/10C, 1/5C, 2/5C, 1/2C, 4/5C, 1C, 2C, 3C (two stamps), 4C (three stamps), 5C (two stamps), 6C, 7C, 8C, 9C, 10C (two stamps), 15C, 18C, 20C, 21C, 22C, 25C (two stamps), 30C, 50C (two stamps), 60C, 70C, 1P and 2P of the Domestic Scenes II set were overprinted.

Here are the m.h. 1/10C and 2/5C stamps

Registration Nr. 090171

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